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so anyway i was skipping down memory lane and your site came up in a search for playskool's familiar places sets (i had the holiday inn). The LP Village was THE BEST. my sister had one too so we could really set up a city :) i had the LP house and school too. i used to play with mine for hours and hours.

Scott KC

The favorite set that I actually owned was the Garage, which I loved and even used with hot wheels and matchbox cars. The ones I always wanted were the Tudor House, the swimming pool and the fun jet and airport. My son discovered the later main street at an antique store a few years ago and rekindled my love for these toys. So we collect them together and I live vicariously through him, and he has a collection beyond my wildest childhood dreams, much of it put together from thrift store finds. Of the stuff he has now, my favorite is the 1973 Airport. His favorite is the Sesame Street Clubhouse and the Sesame Street Set. Love the site, Fisher Price rocks!


This one was my all time favorite one also. I would make believe, do kids do that anymore, that The appartment was mine and I was like an old lady say 18 living there. It was so much fun. I had several of the sets and my sister and I would scatter them around the living room and pretend that it was a big town with a school, camp ground, airport, houses, play grounds and we even had the merry go round and ferris wheel so we made a carnival to. Those were the day's.
I saved all of these toys and sets and both of my boy's enjoyed them as much as we did. Mom loved it to!! Brought back so many memories. I guess the funniest thing they asked was where do the batteries go!!


My favorite was the barn with the never-hindered MOOOOO when you open and close the door. I still love it to this day. I also had the carousel & ferris wheel. My sister had the castle.

Bonnie Dupree

I loved my little people town,played with it all the time ! I thought the boy with the red hat looked really mean so he would spend lots of time in jail! Loved to deliver the mail and there were many fires but the awesome fire department always put them out before they did any damage,also enjoyed the gas pump , someone actually worked there just to pump the gas!My town was the place to go always something going on... What wonderful memories­čśŐ

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