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BellyDance Girl

I LOVED my MF!!! I had two x-wings too! I also had all the 12 inch dolls - Luke, Leia, Cheubacca, Han ...

Barbie had NOTHING over Princess Leia - a fashionista vs. freedom fighter? Come ON!!! I was Leia for Halloween 3 years in a row. Mom couldn't get the hairstyle exactly, thought. But, braids spiraled on the sides with a hundred bobby-pins was just fine for me.

Dan Eveland

I loved the Death Star too. I had lots of adventures with that. The Millennium Falcon was, however, cooler to me. It was just so awesome to have a big spaceship that everyone could fit in, and still be portable. I wish more of it was open to play in, and I just loved all the detail along the edges. The techie-wiring-and-piping stuff was a big thing to me for some reason.

My absolute favorite, however, was the droid factory. It was so cool to make new droids that were not in the movie.

Thanks so much for this site.


Well, now you made me realize how nice the death star playset really was and i wish now that my parents bought it for me! I'm a fan of both trilogies and the figures, but if i had to choose, definitly the x-wing with luke as a pilot, twin cloud cars, and darth vader's star distroyer. My parents only got me the slave 1 and came with boba fett!!! I love all star wars figures, you should have a posting of your favorite star wars figures.


The Death Star was my favorite playset too. But not that tall US version. They made a different "Round-hard-chipboard" version, for us down here in Australia. I think it was also released in countries like Canada, and the UK, as well. It was so Awesome. Although it only has 2 levels compared to the Tall US versions 4 levels, but in reality, theres much more surface area to play on, if you were to compare. The elevator didnt work, like the US one,but you could fit luke han and chewy in it all at once,to recreate the movie.Theres also a stickered mirror on the bottom of the elevator to give the impretion it is really deep.The gunner on the very top, was similar to the US one, but you also had a clear pull down top, to lock yr trooper in, as he rotated a full 360 degrees, shooting at X-wings etc. There is a real trash compactor shoot that yr figures can actually slide down, dropping into the trash compactor with a wall that actually moves, squashing yr figures. Theres many of those 6 sided doors like a hexigon shape, mimmicking many doors etc on the real Deat Star. Theres these rectangle shapes printed on the floor throughout the DEATH STAR, which is so you can fill yr DS, with those, DIE-CAST Tie-fighters, Vaders Fighter, the Millenium Falcon, and X-wings. Theres also an area, where you can place the large size Millenium Falcon, so our heros can escape after rescuing the Princess. Not many ppl know that if you got a second round DS, and put it underneath upsidedown, (all the floors are printed on both sides so you can do this) it actually creates the fully armed and operational DS, with 4 levels, with so many rooms, for you to act out all yr favorite DS scenes. Its hard to find these in good condition after all these years, and if you could it would cost a lot of money, BUT with all the pictures of this online, it wouldnt be too hard, to trace and cut out yr own version. Something to do on a rainy day, and would look awesome with all yr modern day Star Wars figures in it. Just remember to do 2 of each floor/wal etc, so you end up with 2 Death Stars, so yu can put one on top of the other, and create the perfectly round DS, just like in the movie. Theres pics in this link-- http://www.toltoys.com/2007/01/star-wars-month-death-star-playset-play/


The Death Star Space Station is also my favorite vintage Star Wars play set. And... the play set *does* resemble the Death Star in two ways:

1. When you look at the side of the play set with the cardboard walls, it resembles one of the gun towers near the trench where the Rebels attacked the Death Star.

2. When you look at the other side... well... obviously it resembles the area where Obi-Wan disabled the tractor beam. :)

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