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Thanks for the memories! This was one of my very favorite toys when I was little. :)


I am making an scrapbook album of my childhood. This dog was my absolute favorite (im born 1966) and used to drive everybody else crazy with it's squeqeu sound. I am so happy to find the pictures on your site. Thanks for sharing :)

Paul Vaillancourt

I had one of these! My poodle, Spunky, and I used to play tug of war with it! He'd grab the string in his mouth, and I'd hold onto the Little Snoopy, and we'd pull each other across the room! I know that Spunky chewed on the Little Snoopy a bit. Later on when I was 16, I tried playing this game with my Shepherd mix. Well, he played it for a while, but later on he pretty much chewed up the Little Snoopy.
I'm also wondering where the name came from, since it had nothing to do with Peanuts.


Does anyone remember in about 1973-4 there was a toy it had a metal ring and two strings down from that with two clear hard balls that you smacked together. I don't remember the name of it but it was really cool back then. I think they stopped making them because people were using them as weapons or something.


i used to have one myself as a little girl!! and i dragged it all over the place! in the mud, grass, cobble stone, sand, everywhere!! i saw little snoopy in an advert recently and it brought back memories...and now i find this! thank you for sharing! :)

Selim Nazar

Playing Vampire: the Masquerade, I found this little dog in one of the maps (the spooky house). I just couldn't contain a smile in my face and had to do some research. Glad to have found your post.

I love this little dog and I wish I still had mine.

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My dad used to work at a toy store. He gave me one of these when I was a little child. I had lots of fun with it! These pictures bring back lots of good memories. Thank you very, very, very much!

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