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Maaaan those Shogun Warriors are so darn expensive these days. They cost a fortune! Too bad my mom gave my die-cast robots away when I was a kid...

"Girls shouldn't play with robots. Here's a Barbie doll."

Anita Posluszny


I am very interested in purchasing the Godzilla with the shooting hand from the 70's. It was my son's favorite toy. He used to sleep with it. I would like to get one for his son (my grandson). If he is anything like his father he will love it, and he is a lot like his Father. Can you tell me where I can purchase one?

Anita Posluszny


I do not sell any of the toys I write about here on Toys2Remember. My only suggestion is ebay or amazon. If you don't find one to your liking there, one of the vintage toy sellers listed on my sidebar possibly can help you. Good luck, I hope you find one!

greg medley

I'm looking for information on a toy from
the 1960s.It was a truck with a cannon of
some type,(laser,atomic?)and the chassis was
gray blue and the tires were white with orange rims


Scott Wilcox

I remember really wanting the Godzilla Shogun, and being initially disappointed when I only got Dragun. However, I have a lot great memories of playing with Dragun and having epic battles with Big Jim, Lone Ranger, and many many army men. By the way, I still have Dragun.

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