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I have a plastic western style pistol. It looks like a six shooter, but has one steel tube that runs the length of the barrel with the hammer end flared with groves toward the center. I bought this way back in about 1965. It came with the gun, a steel ram-rod, 10 or so BB's that were about 1/2 the size of a regular BB. And 10 red stickem caps that looked like over stuffed Greeny Sticken Caps. I remember once we shot it at a St. Louis Phone Book and it went about 1" into the book! I am hoping that someone can let me know what this was called. Also, I believe that I bought it out of the back of a Popular Science magazine. My email is (renaults@earthlink.net), thanks.


Hi, I actually have one of these MARX Pistol Polo games. It works well, it has some scratches and hairline cracks in the plastic shell, but it works well. Cool blog. Thanks...John.
PS...probably going to put it on Ebay soon.


this guy had a toy with a plastic marxs gun, that u would shoot a different targets inside a plastic look alike ping pong table. and i would like to know the name of it.
my email is o.vazquez54@yahoo.com


Hello, the game I used to play at my cousin's house, was called rotoball, all that I can find about it is the patent information, under http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4136871.html. Man we had some great time's playing this and would like to find one for my son, to enjoy.

robert schwartz

Hello, I have a Marx Rotoball game in very nice looking and functioning condition. If anyone is interested in buying it please email me at rroseiseros@hotmail.com.


Hello I have a pistol polo game in the box with the papers to looking guns in the pellets is an otherwise excellent the plastic case has a couple of minor minor scratches.. Everything is here 100% in the box as well asking is is anybody know what this is worth if anything


I have a pistol polo game excellent condition in the box with both working guns all of the ammunition the ping pong ball original one plastic case with two legs can anyone help me out with what this thing may be worse


I need help I have one of these that has only been used once all the original parts everything works and its in excellent condition I even had the original pong ball both guns worth the right amount of BB's. Original paperwork original box whole nine yards can anyone help me out on what this thing is possibly worth
And is it a rear sight after item I don't really want to sell it I'm just very very curious

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