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Tracy Patrick

I was actually searching for something else when I came across your blog about Adventure People.I LOVED them when I was a kid...My parents were terrible about "cleaning out the toys" every month or so and throwing stuff away(I think that's why I am such a pack rat with my kid's toys) I had a bunch of Adventure People!!! They were my absolute favorite(forget Barbie!)My best friend and I played with them for hours...we'd have such fun, we would do so many different things with them in the yard that I can't imagine how many my Dad must have found on the roof or in the gutter(we thought we should make them fly!) Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories! They should still be made today! Tracy Patrick

Jonathan Hamm

Why arent they being made again is my question? These toys have really stood the test of time and they are solidly built. I can only imagine what fisher price would do if they RETURNED TO ADVENTURE with the ADVENTURE PEOPLE.

Gonzalo Diaz

los mejores juguetes que he tenido, es triste que no los fabriquen en estos dias, a mi hija le he dado el safari y eso que solo tiene 2 año como quisiera poder darle mas.
Los modernos no son iguales

Scot KC

My mother recently sent my 6 year old son my Adventure People rescue truck and he LOVES it. He is a huge "Little People" fan- from the vintage stuff to the stuff you can get today. Something he has really got into recently is the Fisher-Price Imaginext Line of toys. They combine the play value of classic little people with the maturity of the adventure people. Not quite the original but pretty good for a 21st century equivalent. He loves his Imaginext space toys as much as I did my "Alpha Probe". Great website, nice work.


I had some of these as a kid. Still have a few boxed up in the basement. Really wish they would bring them back for my kids. Great website.

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